Why a tablet magazine? And why only on iPad?

Our independently published Rebelutionary Life Magazine (for iPad) is now available in the iTunes Newsstand!

But why a tablet magazine? And why only on iPad?

Well, check out these stats and our thoughts:

  • Tablets are great for longer e-reading sessions: Smartphone users are constantly connected and reading snippets and short posts, but many tablet users take the time to read longer articles and publications. This is where tablet magazines really shine, by delivering interesting articles that are hand-picked by editors and richly formatted to read beautifully on large or small tablet. That way, users can kick back and enjoy reading, watching, listening, and interacting with rich media magazines when it’s convenient and comfortable for them!
  • iPad is dominating tablet sales: Whether you have one or not, the trend is that professionals and families that can afford them are buying iPads/iPad Minis hands-down over other tablets. Before the iPad Mini launched in late Oct 2012, Apple already had ~85% of the worldwide tablet market with over 100 million iPads sold. With the iPad 4 and iPad Mini launched, strong tablet sales will continue to eat away at personal computer (PC) sales.
  • iPad is absolutely dominating magazine downloads: iPad users download 97% of Adobe-powered tablet magazines (source). Holy crap! ’nuff said.
  • Apple Newsstand is relatively uncrowded: As of Nov 2012, the iTunes Newsstand had just over 5,000 magazine titles available, compared to the 700,000+ apps available in the iTunes App Store. These 5,000 magazines cover 28 categories, averaging only 180 magazines per category. So, either through app search or Newsstand browsing, we’re hoping it’s still relatively easy to get an iPad magazine noticed in the App Store.

So, as you can see, the business case is overwhelmingly in favour of the iPad, at the moment. But we’ll keep an eye on the Android/Kindle and Windows tablet markets, in case they start to make sense for magazine publishing.

Any comments or tips on digital magazine publishing? Let us know below!


Brad Kynoch

Founder & CEO, indie magazine editor, mobile app & website builder, blogger, entrepreneur

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