Issue 02: The Pleasure Cure

How women are using the "Pleasure Cure" to reduce stress, manage weight, and live more vibrantly

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Rebelutionary Life Magazine issue 02: The Pleasure Cure




In The Pleasure Cure (screenshots above), a tribe of women open a fascinating window onto the succulent world of soul-satisfying, brain-repairing, life-altering, world-changing pleasure. It’s a way of reducing stress, having a healthier mind and body and creating a life that you’ll truly enjoy, every day.


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Under the Covers…


  1. The Pleasure Shift: Stop culture from screwing you (by Anne-Sophie Dumetz)
  2. The Pleasure Revolution: Where women are tasting freedom (by Mama Gena)
  3. The Pleasure Cure: A daily dose can change your life (by Daphne Cohn)
  4. Wanna Play? Be a good home to your inner child (by Anne-Sophie Dumetz)
  5. Rewiring for Pleasure: Program your brain for pleasure, not stress (by Sara Gottfried, MD)
  6. Your Body: Listen to her… she’s speaking to you (by Jena la Flamme)
  7. Sensual Pleasure: Saying “Yes” isn’t optional (by Saida Desilets)
  8. Trust your Vagina: Batteries not required (by Pamela Madsen)


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A note for the Boys:

Many of the pleasurable approaches in this issue will work for men, too! We made this issue for women, as there is a strong ‘sisterhood’ of women entrepreneurs focusing their work on pleasure in the health, mind, body and sexual health fields. But don’t feel left out — We know living with pleasure is for you, too.