Issue 01: Learn your own damn way

Rebelutionary Life Magazine issue 01 -- January / February 2013

Each issue of Rebelutionary Life Magazine looks at a topic in an unconventional way.

Issue 01, entitled “Learn your own damn way” is available now on the Apple Newsstand/App Store and includes a free sample. It explores when school falls short, whether and how to make the leap to learning outside school, and some tools and techniques for self-guided learning and learning through entrepreneurship.

Table of Contents

Cover story
Part 1: When school falls short
  • Regaining the creative edge: Why formal ed’ cripples creativity
Part 2: Making the leap
  • Live and learn: The unstudent lifestyle (summary of the UnCollege manifesto)
  • Eye on the future: How startups are dismantling the university (by Dale Stephens of UnCollege)
Part 3: Learning “your” way
  • Getting ahead without credentials: Learning to get what you want (summary of a fantastic article by Michael Ellsberg)
  • Track what you (need to) learn: A critical look at LearningJar (by Audrey Watters of the Hack Education blog)
  • Learning through entrepreneurship: Start small, aim high, and make a difference

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