Rebelutionary Life Magazine issue 01

December 2012 / January 2013

Magazine issues

Issue 01 of our iPad magazine is now live on the Apple Newsstand!

Each issue of Rebelutionary Life Magazine looks at a topic in an unconventional way.

Issue 01 is called “Learn your own damn way” and explores when school falls short, whether and how to make the leap to learning outside school, and some tools and techniques for self-guided learning and learning through entrepreneurship.

Table of Contents

Cover story
Part 1: When school falls short
  • Regaining the creative edge: Why formal ed’ cripples creativity
Part 2: Making the leap
  • Live and learn: The unstudent lifestyle (summary of the UnCollege manifesto)
  • Eye on the future: How startups are dismantling the university (by Dale Stephens of UnCollege)
Part 3: Learning “your” way
  • Getting ahead without credentials: Learning to get what you want (summary of a fantastic article by Michael Ellsberg)
  • Track what you (need to) learn: A critical look at LearningJar (by Audrey Watters of the Hack Education blog)
  • Learning through entrepreneurship: Start small, aim high, and make a difference

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