Rebelutionary Life official launch announcement

My name is Brad Kynoch and I’m the Chief Editor here at Rebelutionary Life. I have an exciting announcement for you on my birthday (which is today!)… I’d like to formally announce the birth (launch) of Rebelutionary Life!

Not only is she a stunning interactive iPad magazine of curated awesomeness with a different focus each issue, but she’s also a blog of original material with posts every 1-2 weeks. She’s passionate about people and ideas that push conventional boundaries and redefine possibilities, and she explores them acrosscareer, lifestyle, learning, behaviour and society, technology and innovation, and more. If you’re up for trying something new and refreshing, she’s right up your alley!

Check out a great summary and photos of her on the home page of

Please help celebrate my birthday and Rebelutionary Life‘s birth by doing ANY of the following:

  1. (If you have an iPad or iPad mini,) download the free magazine app from iTunes and either buy Issue 01 for $3.99 or choose an annual subscription for $11.99 (6 issues at $1.99/issue). If you subscribe, you also get a 1-month FREE TRIAL, so she’s one of those rare babies that you can take back if you don’t like her. 🙂
  2. (If you’ve looked through Issue 01 of the iPad magazine,) give us either positive or negative feedback so we can make our new baby an all-star:
    1. If you have glowing things to say about the mag, please rate and review it on iTunes.
    2. If you have honest feedback on how to improve the blog or magazine (including changes to Issue 01), please email us your suggestions.
  3. Follow the blog’s RSS feed or receive new blog posts by email.
  4. Sign up for the newsletter for news and updates on new magazine features, future magazine issues, our upcoming mobile app, and other stuff we’re involved in.
  5. Give her some Rebelutionary “Likes” on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, or Twitter and suggest her to people you think would like her.

And since the product launch is Jan 7-18, you’ll have the biggest impact if you can do any of the above during that time. Tonnes of thanks in advance!

Lotsa love from the Rebelutionary Life team,

Brad Kynoch
Founder & Chief Editor


Brad Kynoch

Founder & CEO, indie magazine editor, mobile app & website builder, blogger, entrepreneur

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