The Rebelutionary Life manifesto

Maybe you’re bored with your options, stuck in a rut,
or feel like you’re missing something. Or maybe you’re just curious.

Maybe you’re actively dabbling outside the norm to think in new ways,
experience new things, or spice things up.

Maybe you live on the fringe and can’t imagine doing things the “normal” way.

Regardless of where you’re at, we started Rebelutionary Life to help you ask questions, explore the unconventional, and open your mind to a world with fewer limits and more options.

Rebelutionary Life peels away the layers of convention, revealing a world of fresh, edgy, enticing ideas that indulge your open mind and adventurous spirit. Both our iPad magazine and blog cover unconventional stories and movements across career, lifestyle, learning, behaviour and society, technology and innovation, and more.

You’re here because you’re looking for change, willing to take risks, comfortable outside the norm, and don’t mind ‘rocking the boat’. You’re disruptive innovators, trailblazers, and sometimes shit-disturbers that turn heads by approaching things in new ways.

Below is our manifesto (public declaration) in two forms: a playful word cloud and some statements we wrote to stir things up.

Rebelutionary Life Manifesto part 1 - word cloud
(click to enlarge)

Rebelutionary Life Manifesto part 2 - statements
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If you want to print either part, download this printable PDF version.

Let us know what you think of our manifesto!
Which parts strike a chord with you?
What’s your own favourite rule-bending mantra?


Brad Kynoch

Founder & CEO, indie magazine editor, mobile app & website builder, blogger, entrepreneur