If you’re reading one of our iPad magazine issues and you tapped something that landed you on a book list on our website, it’s for one of two reasons:

  1. You tapped “ebook on iTunes”: Apple recently changed something that broke only the ebook links for our platform (audiobook links in the magazine still work). While we work it through with Apple, use the iTunes link below for your target book. Once we figure it out, we’ll update the links inside the magazine so you don’t have this extra step.
  2. You tapped “book or ebook on Amazon”: Our mag readers live all over the world and there are different Amazon stores for each country or region. We send you from the magazine to this page so, when you use the Amazon link below for your target book, we can determine the country you’re in and send you to the correct book in your own country’s Amazon store, if possible. (We do our best, but we apologize if this doesn’t work for some countries.)