Rebelutionary Life Magazine now available for iPad!

  • Lovechild of a magazine, website, and mobile app
  • Good for the eyes: Optimized for easy reading on both iPad and iPad mini
  • Sweet on the mind: Magazine-style articles with photos and infographics
  • Sexy to browse: Interactive elements like videos, audio, and embedded forms
  • Curated and edited by us, but minimal overlap with our blog
  • Influential articles on a new topic each issue
  • Published bimonthly (every 2 months) by Sparketype
  • Download the iPad magazine app
  • Check out the free preview of every issue
  • Non-subscribers can buy issues for $3.99/issue
  • Subscribers get current and future issues at up to 50% savings
  • Subscribers get a FREE TRIAL so they can decide risk-free!
Issues published

In case you’re wondering, find out why we’re doing a tablet magazine and why only on iPad.